Education Policy

California Education Code §§ 51930-51939: An Exercise in Trailblazing and Incrementalism

June 2018

Policy analysis of the California Healthy Youth Act, a first-of-its-kind sexual health education law.


Social Justice

Speaking Out

June 2020 https://www.health-connected.org/post/2020/06/01/speaking-out

A response to the murder of George Floyd on behalf of Health Connected

A Journey Towards More Inclusive Sex Ed

December 2019 https://www.health-c ... ive-sex-ed

Overview of Health Connected's plans for more intentional integration of racial justice and equity into organizational programs, curriculum, governance, and operations.

Sexual Health Education

Algorithms and Social Norms: What's Sex Ed Got to Do with It?

December 2018 https://www.health-c ... do-with-it

A blog post which makes a link between sexual health education, artificial intelligence, and workforce diversity.

Preventing Sexual Violence Starts in the Classroom

December 2017 https://www.health-c ... -classroom

A blog post written in response to the #MeToo movement and the role of sexual health education in reducing sexual violence.

Parents as Partners in Sex Ed

May 2015 https://www.health-c ... -in-sex-ed

A blog post making the case for an approach to sex education that brings together parents and schools as partners in supporting adolescent sexual development.

Ending Sexual Assault Starts with Sex Ed

April 2015 https://www.health-c ... ith-sex-ed

A response to the public discourse about college sexual assault.

Wedge Issue: Sex Education and Social-Emotional Learning Practices

AERA SEL SIG Blog, March 11, 2022 https://aeraselsig.w ... practices/

A blog post for the American Education Research Association Social Emotional Learning Special Interest Group proposing a deeper integration of sexual health education into social-emotional learning frameworks, practice, and research.

Workforce Development

Want to stop workplace sexual harassment? Invest in good sex ed.

August 2018 https://www.health-c ... ood-sex-ed

A blog post suggesting that sexual harassment in the workplace can be reduced by investing in robust sexual health education.

Investing in Community College to Improve U.S. Economic Competitiveness

March 2019

A policy brief which proposes strategies to leverage community colleges for economic competitiveness


Social-Emotional Learning: A Critical Component of Global Economic Competitiveness

February 2019

A position paper that makes the case for investment in social-emotional learning as a tool for increasing American global competitiveness and improving workforce development.


Global Perspectives

Language Immersion Education as a Tool for Economic Competitiveness

February 2019

A policy brief on language immersion education as a tool for global economic competitiveness.


Sexual Health Education: A Comparison of Approaches in India, China, and the United States

May 2019

A literature review of policies and perceptions related to sexual health education in the United States, India, and China.